Boston Startup News- 6/12/2023

Boston Startup News-week of 6/12/2023


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Since last time, we sat down and had a super insightful conversation with Bill Doherty of Day & Ross (more on that below!). This week, we take a dive into Alkeus Pharmaceuticals and understand how their molecular drug is set to defeat an eye disease.

We then go on to explore some notable events in the Boston startup scene, featuring Greentown Labs, Fortify, & Mass Life Sciences Center CEO Kenn Turner!

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Startup of the Week

Alkeus Pharmaceuticals – A Boston-based pharmaceutical company curing an eye disease

About Alkeus
Alkeus is a pioneering biotech startup co-founded by Leonide Saad, Ph.D. and Ilyas Washington, Ph.D. with a groundbreaking mission to revolutionize the treatment of degenerative eye diseases. Their innovative approach focuses on developing a unique molecule, gildeuretinol (ALK-001), designed to address a critical issue in these diseases – the clumping, or dimerization, of vitamin A in the eye. This clumping process has been identified as a key factor contributing to the irreversible retinal damage commonly observed in various eye conditions. By tackling this underlying cause, Alkeus aims to provide a new therapeutic avenue and significantly improve patient outcomes in the field of ophthalmology.

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