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Can You See Me Now?

Week of July 10th, 2023

“Stop staring at the TV for so long” my mother would yell across the house, “it will ruin your vision”. Wait till I tell her about the folks at Luminopia who have developed a treatment for Amblyopia, lazy eye, using a VR headset. The treatment works using a child friendly VR headset to train both eyes to work together with better results compared to existing treatments. Per the company’s website the treatment can be prescribed by a physician and delivered as you would any other prescription from the pharmacy.

Amblyopia is estimated to impact % to 5% of children world wide, the US alone could have millions of potential patients. Outside of the ability to effectively market their product to patients and physicians a better predictor of success may be the company’s ability to surmount the administrative and regulatory obstacles in the United States healthcare market. The company already boasts having the first FDA approved digital therapeutic for children and is coming off a series A funding round where the company received $16M.  it may be time to open our eyes to what Luminopia has to offer not only the US but beyond its boarders.

Read more about this pioneering company below in the Boston Beats section.

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Yes Anakin, it is possible.

On June 28th YCombinator published the list of its top 50 portfolio companies by revenue. As to be expected the list is dominated by California based companies (36). A single Boston based company makes the list, Ginkgo Bioworks a life sciences company with offices in Seaport and Cambridge.

The remaining 13 companies are from across the globe ranging from Seattle and Utah to the Netherlands and India.

The full list of companies and more can be found here.

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