Most Founders are Wasting Time

Week of August 13th, 2023


Most Founders are Wasting Time

Week of August 13th, 2023

Real Work vs Fake Work

As I transition into my second year of Snazz, I’ve been introspectively examining how I allocate my time. It’s alarming how many founders, including myself, grapple with distinguishing “real work” from “fake work”. Let’s break them down:

  • Real Work: This drives your startup forward. It’s about attracting users, securing customers, and enhancing profits. Primarily, it’s about Building & Selling.

  • Fake Work: This encompasses all tasks that aren’t directly tied to building or selling. Think of excessive mentorship meetings, attending every startup event, and endlessly pitching in competitions. If you’re not frequently interacting with customers or team members, then there’s a pivot to be made in your priorities.

I’ve succumbed to the allure of fake work more times than I’d like to admit. Its appeal lies in its simplicity and the immediate validation it offers. It’s undeniably gratifying to be invited to a prestigious conference, to mingle with VCs, or to clinch a startup competition. But this is a seductive trap, focusing on short-term rewards.

Your audience – the customers – couldn’t care less about the accolades you’ve amassed or the events you’ve graced. They’re invested in your solution and its efficacy in resolving their problems.

Real work is hard work. Setting up a successful product velocity mechanism is intricate. Iterating based on user feedback is demanding. And selling your solution when customers don’t want to pull out their wallets sucks. It’s these setbacks, though, that become the crucible of genuine learning and where your venture truly takes shape. Building a business is a tough endeavor, and it’s meant to be.

Yet, this isn’t a manifesto for perennial grind and gloom. The journey has its joys. There’s undeniable pleasure in witnessing satisfied customers, seeing your vision evolve, and in taking on these challenges to forge ahead.

To all the dreamers and doers out there, remember this: Pursue the hard work, because that’s where the real magic happens.

Keep building and selling,

Justin DiRaddo

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Reclaim Focus: Slash Your Screen Time and Boost Productivity

Over the past year, in collaboration with some brilliant minds from Boston University, we’ve been sculpting an application: Snazz. We’re on a mission to make it the premier tool for managing screen time, reducing digital intrusions, and uplifting your overall performance and well-being.

Yes, I’m attached to my phone. It’s transformed how we bond with loved ones, supercharged businesses, and even added a touch of the James Bond flair to hailing cabs. Yet, amidst all these benefits, it’s undeniable that these devices can sometimes divert our attention from what truly counts. In the breakneck world of startups, every moment is precious, and undivided focus can be your edge over rivals.

Are you ready to level up? Dive into the future with us and be among the first to experience our beta:

With gratitude,

Justin DiRaddo

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